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A Rocks Cluster is defined by the Rolls included when you build your cluster. Internally, the Rocks team uses CVS but synchronizes to a GIT server to enable code-browsing and distributed development. Nearly all Rolls (current and deprecated) are on

Three categories of Rolls are given here: Core, Contrib, and Triton.  Triton Rolls are pointers to a useful software that defines a Triton Resource production cluster at SDSC.


    Core Rolls

Roll Name Description Recent Changes CVS Head Release
base Rocks Base Roll Recent CVS Head 5.4
kernel Installation Kernel and Boot CD Recent CVS Head 5.4
area51 Tripwire and Chkrootkit Recent CVS Head 5.4
bio A Collection of Popular Bioinformatics Tools Recent CVS Head 5.4
Condor The Condor High-Throughput Toolkit Recent CVS Head 7.4.4
HPC Open Source HPC Tools Recent CVS Head 5.4
Ganglia Ganglia Cluster Monitoring Toolkit Recent CVS Head 3.1.7
Java Java Runtime,Maven, JBOSS and other Tools Recent CVS Head 5.4
Jumpstart Support for building Solaris Client Nodes, File Servers Recent CVS Head 5.3
Service Pack Updates/Fixes for Rocks Recent CVS Head 5.4.2
SGE Sun Grid Engine Parallel Scheduler Recent CVS Head 6.2u4
Viz Build Tiled-Display Walls Recent CVS Head 5.4
Web-server WordPress and Media Wiki Recent CVS Head 5.4
XEN Xen Virtual Machine and Rocks Virtual Cluster Support Recent CVS Head 5.4