Rocks 6.1.1 (Sand Boa) is now available


The latest update of Rocks codename Sand Boa is now released. Sand Boa is a 64-bit only release and is based upon CentOS 6.5   The Rocks-supplied OS rolls have all updates applied as of April 14, 2014. This includes updates for the OpenSSL Heartbleed

Please see the Downloads Page to get started.

Release notes are available.  Support for ZFS has been updated to version 0.6.2. Condor is now the HTCondor roll is at release 8.0.6

Also included is a new roll called fingerprint that dynamically determines dependencies of compiled code on both Rocks and Non-Rocks systems.

Many thanks for all those who beta-tested this version of Rocks. Special thanks to John Zaitseff and Trevor Cooper for their code contributions.