Rocks 6.1 (x86-64) Beta (Emerald Boa) Available

Rocks 6.1 is now available for Beta testing.  Please see the page to get started.

Some of the new features/updates of Rocks 6.1:

  1. Two-factor authentication is supported using google authenticator
  2. Internal ssh authentication is now host-based
  3. A frontend can be installed using a single partition
  4. ZFS on Linux roll now available. Based upon the ZFS on Linux rc11. ┬áNote ZFS on linux is a “source” roll.
  5. Support GPT partition tables for drives > 2TB
  6. Improved IPMI documentation
  7. rocks create distro speed improved by removing redundant checksum calculation
  8. Infiniband (Mellanox) configured in the HPC roll with subnet manager running on frontend
  9. SGE roll updates to GE-2011p1
  10. Condor roll updated to 7.8.5