2.2. On an Existing Server

The PVFS2 Roll can be installed on running frontend.

The following procedure will install the roll on the frontend. After the frontend reboots, the roll will be fully configured.

First download the PVFS2 Roll ISO from the Rocks web site. Then, as root, execute:

# rocks add roll pvfs2*iso
# rocks enable roll pvfs2
# cd /export/rocks/install
# rocks create distro
# rocks run roll pvfs2 | bash

The PVFS2 requires more manual steps after the above completes. This step is necessary as it adds a table to database and that procedure requires the root password. To complete the installation, as root execute:

# /opt/rocks/bin/mysql --user=root -p cluster < /tmp/pvfs2.sql

Then reboot:

# init 6