3.4. ClustalW

3.4.1. About

ClustalW is a multiple sequence alignment program. The version included with this distribution is v1.83.

3.4.2. Using ClustalW

ClustalW can be run at the command line as
[nostromo@xxx ~]$ clustalw

******** CLUSTAL W (1.83) Multiple Sequence Alignments  ********

1. Sequence Input From Disc
2. Multiple Alignments
3. Profile / Structure Alignments
4. Phylogenetic trees

S. Execute a system command
X. EXIT (leave program)

Your choice:
Choosing the option 'H' brings up the help on clustalW.

3.4.3. Further Information

Further information on the usage of ClustalW can be obtained from clustalw.doc(MS Word Document) available at /opt/Bio/clustalw/doc/clustalw.doc on the frontend of your cluster.