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Note: EM64T-4 is the Intel x86_64 chip that performs 4 FLOPS per cycle (e.g., Woodcrest).
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Bibliography [2]

[1]. We require this password if you need to edit your cluster's information in the future. This should not be the same as the root password of your cluster. A blank password is acceptable as well.

[2]. The Bibliography section is for papers and publications that incorporated results obtained from this cluster. We hope to make the case that the Rocks software enables real and meaningful scientific work. This field can additionally describe the purpose of the machine.

[3]. The Peak Theoretial Performance will be calculated for your cluster as follows:
Peak GFLOPS = [CPUs] * [CPU clock rate (GHz)] * [CPU floating point issue rate]
The issue rate of your CPUs describes how many FP instructions it can compute per cycle.
A rough guide is: (CPU type: issue rate) Pentium 2: 1, Pentium 4: 2, Athlon XP: 3, Itanium 2: 4.