thylacine Cluster

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Vital Statistics
Cluster Name thylacine
Number of CPUs 16
CPU Type Pentium 2
CPU Clock 0.20 GHz
Peak Performance 3.2 GFLOPS
Fully-Qualified Domain Name private
Rocks Version 4.0.0
Organization jsdnet - private research
Location Snowy NSW - Australia
Contact private
Member of Rocks Grid no
Bibliography N/A
Notes Private cluster built from pensioned-off server hardware. Compute nodes (4): Compaq Proliant 5000 servers, 4 cpus each 200Mhz Pentium Pro, 512Mb, 18Gb HDD. Frontend node (1): P3 850 clone. Future: Add more Proliant 5000's as they become available.
Last Updated 2005-06-16