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Vital Statistics
Number of CPUs 12
CPU Type Pentium 4
CPU Clock 2.40 GHz
Peak Performance 57.6 GFLOPS
Fully-Qualified Domain Name private
Rocks Version 5.4.3
Organization TnC Computer
Location Talca, VII Region de Chile
Contact private
Member of Rocks Grid yes
Bibliography N/A
Notes The Cluster consists of an Experiment in Computer Recycling. All Hosts are different, some, Rack 0, are 64 Dual Core and others, Rack 1 are i386 Single Core PCs. All have at least 1GB of Ram and a Hard Drive of 80GB. All Mainboards have at least on problem, 1 Memory Slot damaged, USB or PS2 Ports with problems, etc. and are of no real use anymore. This is an ongoing experiment with a LOT of downtime and hands-on, since most parts are prone to fail sooner than later. But on the other hand I have had close to no monetary expenses, except some indispensable stuff, like wood to build a Rack, and slightly higher Electric Bill than normally.
Last Updated 2012-08-07