Dragonfish Cluster

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Vital Statistics
Cluster Name Dragonfish
Number of CPUs 176
CPU Type EM64T
CPU Clock 2.26 GHz
Peak Performance 795.52 GFLOPS
Fully-Qualified Domain Name private
Rocks Version Other
Organization Tallinn University of Technology, CBIS
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Contact private
Member of Rocks Grid no
Bibliography N/A
Notes Dragonfish is a 11 node Nehalem E5520 based claster on on Intel server system SR1630BC with total 88 physical cores visible to Ganglia as 176 CPUs. 5.1 never worked in installation since kernel seems to be too old for hardware (?). 5.2 beta is currently used, was really complex installation, but after week of hard work of modifications (lots on Ganglia since nodes never appeared there) finally we got Dragonfish running. Installation of meme roll 4.1 version never worked, seems there is a major conflict with 5.2beta.
Last Updated 2009-06-18