Octopus Cluster

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Vital Statistics
Cluster Name Octopus
Number of CPUs 144
CPU Type EM64T
CPU Clock 2.83 GHz
Peak Performance 815.04 GFLOPS
Fully-Qualified Domain Name private
Rocks Version 5.1
Organization Institute of Molecular Biosciences
Location Frankfurt (Germany)
Contact private
Member of Rocks Grid no
Bibliography N/A
Notes 18 Nodes: SunFire X4150, DualSocket QuadCore Intel Xeon Harpertown 2.83GHz, 32GB RAM Frontend: DualSocket DualCore Intel Xeon Woodcrest 3GHz, 8GB RAM, 2.2TB Raid5 Array@3ware 9550SXU-8LP, Silverstorm Infiniband Switch 9024
Last Updated 2009-12-12