Operating System Base

Rocks 7.0 (Manzanita) x86_64 is based upon CentOS 7.4 with all updates available as of 1 Dec 2017.

Building a bare-bones compute cluster

  • Boot your frontend with the kernel roll
  • Then choose the following rolls: base, core, kernel, CentOS and Updates-CentOS

Building a more complex cluster

In addition to above, select the following rolls:

  • area51
  • fingerprint
  • ganglia
  • kvm (used for virtualization)
  • hpc
  • htcondor (used independently or in conjunction with sge)
  • perl
  • python
  • sge
  • zfs-linux (used to build reliable storage systems)

Building Custom Clusters

If you wish to build a custom cluster, you must choose from our a la carte selection, but make sure to download the required base, kernel and both CentOS rolls. The CentOS rolls include CentOS 7.4 w/updates pre-applied. Most users will want the full updated OS so that other software can be added.

MD5 Checksums

Please double check the MD5 checksums for all the rolls you download.


All ISOs are available for downloads from here. Individual links are listed below.

Name Description Name Description
kernel Rocks Bootable Kernel Roll required zfs-linux ZFS On Linux Roll. Build and Manage Multi Terabyte File Systems.
base Rocks Base Roll required fingerprint Fingerprint application dependencies
core Core Roll required hpc Rocks HPC Roll
CentOS CentOS Roll required htcondor HTCondor High Throughput Computing (version 8.2.8)
Updates-CentOS CentOS Updates Roll required sge Sun Grid Engine (Open Grid Scheduler) job queueing system
kvm Support for building KVM VMs on cluster nodes perl Support for Newer Version of Perl
ganglia Cluster monitoring system from UCB python Python 2.7 and Python 3.x
area51 System security related services and utilities openvswitch Rocks integration of OpenVswitch