5.2 (Chimichanga) Menu for Solaris

Building a Compute Cluster

These rolls are used to configure Solaris client nodes.

MD5 Checksums

Please double check the MD5 checksums for all the rolls you download.

à la carte
roll name summary sunos
base (required) Rocks Base Roll ftp http
jumpstart (required) Adds JumpStart support to configure Solaris client nodes ftp http
bio Bioinformatics utilities ftp http
ganglia Cluster monitoring system ftp http
Rocks HPC Roll ftp http
java Sun Java SDK and JVM ftp http
sge Sun Grid Engine job queueing system ftp http
sunstudio12u1 Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software for Solaris & Linux platforms. C, C++, Fortran compilers, math libraries, and performance analysis tools w/ MPI support sun