Condor Users Guide

(PDF version)

Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Installing the Condor Roll
2.1. Adding the Roll
2.2. Frontend Boot
2.3. Install on Running System
3. Using the Condor Roll
3.1. Using Condor
3.2. Testing the Condor Roll
4. Customizing the Condor Roll
4.1. Customizing the Condor Roll
4.2. Using a pool password to secure Condor Communications
4.3. Condor Configuration Mechanics
4.4. Examples of Condor Configuration
4.5. Reconfiguring Condor after Installation
4.6. Programatically changing the Contents of condor_config.local
A. Rocks® Copyright
B. Third Party Copyrights and Licenses
B.1. Condor
List of Tables
1-1. Summary
1-2. Compatibility
4-1. Attributes Used in Condor Roll