Roy Dragseth of the University of Tromso announces:

The torque roll for Rocks 5.3.0 is now ready for download. Get the bits at:

Most important software included:

  • Torque v2.4.6
  • Maui v3.2.6p21
  • mpiexec v0.83

New features

  • Node properties in Torque are now supported through setting node attributes using the rocks command line.
  • New queue web display not relying on Ganglia (just a simple cgi-bin wrapper around the maui commands.)
  • OpenMPI - Torque integration without recompiling OpenMPI with tm interface.
  • New documentation.

See the roll docs for details.


The Rocks way of installing the roll is as usual to reinstall your frontend and compute nodes, but you can also use the chain of commands to install a new roll on an existing frontend (with or without a previous version of the roll):

# rocks add roll /path/to/torque/roll.iso
# rocks enable roll torque
# rocks create distro
# rocks run roll torque | sh
# reboot

After the the frontend comes back up you should do the following to populate the node list:

# rocks sync config

then kickstart all your nodes

# tentakel /boot/kickstart/cluster-kickstart

After the nodes are reinstalled they should automatically pop up in the queueing system.

Source Code

The source code of the roll can be accessed from a public mercurial repository: