Tim McIntire of Clustercorp announces:

Clustercorp has released the following Rolls for Rocks v5.1 (x86_64 architecture):

  • Mellanox OFED Roll
  • The Mellanox OFED Roll includes OFED 1.3.1. This Roll replaces the Cisco OFED Roll for Rocks 5.0 and below.

  • Intel Developer Roll
  • The Intel Developer Roll includes C, C++, and Fortran 10.1.018, Intel Cluster Toolkit, and MKL

  • PGI Roll
  • The PGI Roll includes Portland Group's C, C++, and Fortran Compilers 7.2-5.

  • TotalView Roll
  • The TotalView Roll includes TotalView Debugger 8.6.0-2.

  • Absoft Roll
  • The Absoft Roll includes the Absoft Pro Fortran 10.1 Compiler Suite and associated libraries.

See the Clustercorp Rocks+Rolls page to obtain the Rolls.

Additional Rolls for Rocks 5.1 (including NVIDIA CUDA) will be released by Clustercorp soon!

Please send feedback and questions to feedback@clustercorp.com