The National Biomedical Computation Resource at University of California, San Diego is pleased to announce the availability of Opal Roll for Rocks clusters version 5.0 for the x86_64 architecture.

The Opal Roll can be downloaded here.

Opal is a toolkit for wrapping scientific applications as Web services within a matter of hours, providing an advanced dashboard interface for job monitoring, automatic interface generation. It leverages open standards and toolkits such as DRMAA, Condor and the Globus Toolkit for other features such as cluster scheduling, standards-based Grid security and data management in an easy-to-use and highly configurable manner.

The Opal Roll provides Opal deployment and integration on Rocks clusters. For a production environment using the Opal toolkit, click here. Please see this site for an example of the Opal Dashboard inside the Rocks Wordpress interface.

The Opal Roll contains Opal version 1.9.4. More information about the Opal toolkit is available at the Web Site.

Documentation is available here.

Questions or comments about the Opal roll may be directed to Jane Ren ( Questions about Opal may be directed to the Opal mailing list at SourceForge or the NBCR forum.