Roy Dragseth of the University of Tromso announces:

The torque roll is now ready for download.

Get it from

It contains the exact same versions of the software that is in pbs-roll v4.3.1:

  • Torque v2.3.0 + a cpudetection patch
  • Maui v3.2.6p19 + a critical fix for 64bit archs
  • mpiexec v0.82

New stuff:

  • compute nodes are now named compute-X-Y instead of compute-X-Y.local
  • The roll now has a config file, /etc/torque-roll.conf. The only thing it currently controls is the automatic update of the node list when adding or removing nodes.

The development has now moved to using Mercurial as the SCM and I hope to establish a public repository to make it easier for people to contribute to this project. With just a few weeks of experience with Mercurial I must say that I'm impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of this piece of software.

Comments are greatly appreciated.