Roy Dragseth of the HPC Group at the University of Tromso announces:

The long awaited pbs-roll release 4.3.0 is now ready for download.

Release notes

  • Torque upgraded to v2.1.8.
  • mpiexec upgraded to v0.82 + mvapich 0.9.9 support patch. mpiexec is now located under /opt/mpiexec to avoid clashing with openmpi.
  • maui is upgraded to v3.2.6p19.
  • Some system and ulimit parameters have been increased to support larger cluster sizes.

Upgrading the roll without reinstalling the frontend should work as earlier, see Steve Jones's recipe.

Future plans

This will most probably be the last major release under the pbs-roll name. The plan is to rename the roll to torque-roll to better describe what software the roll actually contains. The name change will be completed with the arrival of the Rocks v5., the developers and maintainers of torque and maui, will be involved in future releases. The hope is to establish a closer collaboration to speed up the development of the roll.