Laurence Liew from Scalable Systems announces:

Scalable Systems is pleased to annouce the availability of the Lustre Roll for Rocks 4.1 (Preview Release).

The Lustre Roll contains the latest Lustre 1.4.6 version software packaged to work with Rocks 4.1.

This is a *PREVIEW* release based on V1.4.6. The final and production release which we will support officially will be based on V1.6.

Note that the Lustre Roll will install Lustre kernel module drivers and a patched kernel (version 2.6.9-34). This means it will void your RHEL support warranty. A patchless client is in the works by CFS though and this would resolve some of the RHEL support issues.

We are releasing this PREVIEW release to gather feedback on the best configurations for most Rocks/Lustre installations and to work out any bugs or improvements.

For now, there will be support for only 1 Lustre Meta-data server (MDS). A node can be compute + object storage server (OSS) ie compute-oss, or a node can be an OSS only node ie OSS. This is set via the appliance list during insert-ethers.

Note that 100% of /state/partition1 of compute-oss or OSS is allocated to Lustre in the current setup.

The Lustre Roll is released with a dual-licence. FREE for academic and non-commercial use. For commerical use by ISV, OEM, System Integrators, etc, a commercial support license will be required.


Please contact me ( directly for access to the Lustre Roll. The Lustre Roll will not be available via the usual download site for now.