Registration for Rocks-A-Palooza II (May 18, 19 in Singapore) is now open. The registration is being done as part of Grid Asia 2006, and is free to all non-commercial users. Companies are welcome to attend but must pay a small registration fee, to be collected on site in Singapore. Rocks-A-Palooza II is being organized by Scalable Systems and is sponsored by Intel.

The agenda (pdf, png) is packed with four invited talks featuring international users of Rocks speaking on topics ranging from national level grids, 1000+ node count clusters, and new Rocks development. The rest of the agenda will be filled with tutorial sessions targeted at the beginning Rocks user, including an introduction to clusters, what Rocks provides, how it works, and how to customize it.

This workshop will include all meals during the event, and a sponsored dinner featuring some famous Singaporean dishes. The workshop will finish with an unsponsored visit to China Town to explore some of the more exotic (and stinky) foods in Singapore.