The Viz and EVL Rolls for Rocks Beta 4.2 (x86) are Released. This Beta release is an early snapshot of Rocks 4.2, with the new Visualization software support. The Viz Roll had been updated with new versions of DMX, and SDL, and the Chromium bugs have been fixed. The new EVL Roll includes the SAGE software from the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC. SAGE allows for full frame rate streaming of pixels (movies, or images) on a tile display wall. DMX and SAGE complement each other nicely and allow researchers to build pixel streaming walls (SAGE), and large X11 desktops (DMX).

The Meta Roll can be downloaded from our ftp site here. To build a Viz cluster you must boot with this Roll and use all 4 OS CDs from our downloads page. This beta has not been tested with any other Rolls, and we recommend only using this with the 4 OS CDs, and no other Rolls.

Documentation will be available shortly. For those using CVS the tree has been tagged with ROCKS_4_2_BETA_1 for this release.