The National Biomedical Computation Resource at University of California, San Diego is pleased to announce the availability of APBS Roll package for Rocks clusters version 4.1.

APBS (Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver) is a scalable Poisson-Boltzmann equation solver used to study electrostatic
properties of small to nanoscale biomolecular systems. The APBS Roll simplifies APBS deployment and integration on Rocks clusters.

This APBS Roll contains APBS version 0.4.0 and PDB2PQR package version 1.0.2.


The APBS Roll can be downloaded from the APBS download site.


Roll documentation, including installation and usage information, is available here.

Project Information

More information about APBS, see:

Questions or comments may be directed to Robert Konecny (