The Intel Roll for Rocks 4.1 (fuji) is now available for x86, ia64 and em64t.

Here are the highlights for this version of the Roll:

  • Intel C/C++ Compilers 9.0-030
  • Intel Fortran Compilers 9.0-031
  • Intel Application Debugger 9.0
  • Intel Cluster Math Kernel Library 8.0
  • Intel MPI 2.0
  • Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 4.1.3
  • Intel Trace Analyzer 6.0.10
  • Intel Trace Collector
  • MPICH 1.2.7p1 compiled with Intel Compilers
  • LAM 7.1.1 compiled with Intel Compilers

This roll requires all 4 OS CDs (you can use either the 4 OS Rolls or the 4 RHEL4 CDs).

Place the license file(s) in /opt/intel/licenses on the frontend and the Intel software will be ready for use.